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[TEA] Một bài viết rất chi tiết về sự khác nhau giữa tiếng anh Anh và tiếng anh Mỹ. Các bạn sẽ cần dùng đến những từ này trong Tiếng anh giao tiếp. Theo một cảm quan tự nhiên, khi bạn trò chuyện cùng một người Mĩ và dùng những từ ngữ được người Mỹ hay dùng, chắc chắn bạn sẽ có được nhiều cảm tình hơn từ người đang trò chuyện cùng mình.
Với những từ ngữ phân biệt tiếng anh Anh-Mỹ dùng trong giao tiếp nhà hàng, mong rằng các bạn sẽ có những cuộc trò chuyện thú vị hơn.

EnglishAmerican EnglishNotes
BaconBaconIn the UK, bacon is predominantly from the back of the pig, while in the US it is from the belly, which in the UK is called streaky
Bain MarieDouble Boiler
BangerSausageThe word sausage is also used in the UK. The name banger comes from the fact that sausage made in natural casing sometimes burst when cooking.
BasilBasilIn the UK, basil is pronounced bah-zil, while in the US it is pronounced bay-zil
Boiled SweetHard Candy
Broad BeanFava
Candy FlossCotton Candy
Caster SugarSuperfine Sugar
ChicoryEndiveThis applies to Belgian endive and not all chicory
ChipolataCocktail SausageThough technically Chipolatas are long and thin sausages, in Scotland the name is also used for cocktail sausages
ChipsFrench Fries
CiderHard CiderSince prohibition, cider in the US is now just apple juice
ClingfilmSaran wrap
CorianderCilantroIn the UK coriander means both the spice and the herb, were-as in the US it just means the spice.
Cos lettuceRomaine lettuce
CourgetteZucchini or Summer Squash
Cream, DoubleHeavy Cream
Cream, SingleHalf and half
CutleryFlatware or Silverware
Demerara sugarLight brown cane sugar
Digestive BiscuitGraham crackerThough not the same, they can be used interchangeably in recipes as they have a similar taste
Doner KebabGyroIn the UK, the doner is the great staple of after the pub food for the walk home
Fillet SteakFilet mignon or TenderloinIn the UK, fillet is pronounced fill-it, while in the US it is pronounced fil-A
Fish FingersFish Sticks
French BeansString Beans
Frying PanSkillet
Glace FruitsCandied Fruits
Greaseproof PaperWax Paper
Green / Red PeppersBell Peppers
HerbHerbIn the UK, herb is pronounced with the H and in the US it is silent. See Eddie Izzard
Hundreds and ThousandsSprinkles
Ice lollyPopsicle
Icing SugarConfectioner’s Sugar
KipperSmoked Herring
LemonadeLemonadeIn the UK lemonade is a fizzy soda drink while in the US it is traditional lemonade made from water, sugar and real lemons.
Main CourseEntréeThe word Entrée is sometimes used in the UK, but for an appetizer
MangetoutSnow peas
MinceGround as in ground beef
Pastry casePie case
Paw PawPapayaPapaya is also commonly used in the UK
PiePot PieThe word pie in the UK predominantly means a savoury pie usually filled with meat
PintPintThough the names are the same, a pint in the UK is equivalent to 568ml where-as in the US it is 473ml. Also to note that beer glasses in the US are exactly one pint to the brim and leave no room for the head. Get a “Piaget” Beer Gauge to keep your barman honest
Plain flourAll purpose flour
PlonkCheap Wine
PorridgeOatmeal, Cooked
PrawnSmall Shrimp
ProfiteroleCream Puff
Rump steakSirloin
SconeBiscuitSimilar but not quite the same
Self-raising flourSelf-rising flour
SemolinaCream of wheat
Soft Drink,Pop, Fizzy JuiceSodaRemoved, as there is apparently too many UK and US regional variations.Possibly Fizzy Juice is just a Scottish thing
Spring OnionsGreen OnionsScallions is another term that is sometimes used in both countries
Squash?Squash is a drink made by diluting fruit concentrate
Wife-beaterStella ArtoisIt is called Stella in the UK as well, but this is a commonly used slang term because when it was first introduced into the UK it was a lot stronger than other beers, and caused people to become drunk faster.
StonePitas in peaches
SultanasGolden Raisins
SwedeRutabagaAlso known as a yellow turnip and in Scotland these are called Neeps
SweetDessertDessert is used in the UK too
Swiss RollJelly Roll
TartPieIn the UK pies have lids and are savory, tarts don’t have lids and are sweet
Tin FoilAluminum FoilAlso note the spelling of Aluminum
TomatoTomatoIn the UK, is pronounced tom-ah-toe, while in the US it is pronounced tom-A-toe
WhiskyScotchWhiskey (note the spelling) comes from Ireland or the USA
Wholemeal flourWhole-wheat flour
Nguồn: http://wearenotfoodies.com/english-and-american-english-food-terms/
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